I mostly participate in CTFs with HATS SG, and occasionally with OpenToAll. Here are some writeups for challenges I have solved.

Wargames.MY 2022
core (misc)
Wargames.MY 2021
bendera3 (re)
capturetheflag (re)
corrupt (misc)
easyrsa (crypto)
flagchecker (re)
flagmaker (re)
mountain (web)
sorok (misc)
tryyourluck (misc)
webservice (web)
exceptional (re)
STACK The Flags CTF 2020
An invitation (re)
Password Manager (re)
InCTF 2020
jazz (re900)
Midnight Sun CTF Quals 2020
avr-rev (rev185)
CODEGATE Quals 2020
simple-machine (re333)
babyllvm (pwn702)
Wargames.MY 2019
babypwn (pwn)
masakan (pwn)
steal (forensics)
Tasteless CTF 2019
babypad (crypto154)
HITCON CTF Quals 2019
suicune (re305)
DEF CON CTF Quals 2019
Midnight Sun CTF Quals 2019
hfs-dos (pwn350)
hfs-mbr (re213)
UTCTF 2019
crackme (re1200)
dga (re???)
nullcon HackIM 2019
0bfusc8 much (re497)
T19 Challenge
T19 Challenge - Part 1
T19 Challenge - Part 2
T19 Challenge - Part 3
T19 Challenge - Part 4
Wargames.MY 2018
Teaser Dragon CTF 2018
Chains of Trust (re391)
DefCamp CTF Quals 2018
memsome (re110)