Building Ghidra from source

Ghidra Developer’s Guide

Clone the repo

git clone

Fetch dependencies

gradle --init-script gradle/support/fetchDependencies.gradle init

Note: After fetching the dependencies, it would be helpful to save backup of build/downloads, because it takes quite some time to download them. This is because sometimes gradle clean is needed when checking out to a different commit, doing so will remove the downloaded files.

Build Ghidra

gradle buildGhidra

This should take about 10 minutes.

Build Ghidra quickly

There are a couple of things that aren’t needed when just building Ghidra for development purposes. The following build command skips the unneeded steps.

gradle buildGhidra -x ip -x createJavadocs -x createJsondocs -x zipJavadocs -x sleighCompile

Note: Sometimes the sleighCompile step is needed. If Ghidra complains about Sleigh related errors then this step is most likely needed.

Problem: Ghidra doesn’t run properly

If Ghidra doesn’t run properly after doing gradle buildGhidra, running gradle clean might get it to work.

gradle clean clears everthing, including the dependencies fetched earlier. To save time, copy build/downloads to another location, and copy it back after gradle clean is executed.